System Integrator Procedure Follow

Best System Integrator Following Procedure

The best system Integrator will do site visits, if required multiple times, audit, provide multiple solutions & create CUSTOMIZED PACKAGE for multiple solutions. Final CHOICE IS YOUR’S!!! The best system Integrator has been always the best solution provided & provides the best service provider too if required by the clientele.

Stage 1: Best system Integrator AUDITS the existing setup & current requirement for the specified industry. Based on BEST PRACTICE, the best system Integrator knows during the audit itself what is required for you. The design may vary from industry to industry. The best system Integrator may audit the existing setup multi times to get clarity on specified industry.

Stage 2: Best system Integrator will give the CONSULTATION by BEST PRACTICE for the specified industry with multiple solutions, based on AUDITING the existing setup & current requirement analysis. The best system Integrator trusts the BEST PRACTICE always.

Stage 3: Checkout your CUSTOMIZED PACKAGE with MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS & also will give you the best solution too only by the best System Integrator. The customization package may consider future UPGRADEABLE, SERVICEABLE, EXPANDABLE, etc.

Stage 4: The best system Integrator may have a set of registered vendors on his own for EXECUTION/IMPLEMENTATION, as per the BEST PRACTICE proposed. At max, the clients may decide to place the order as per the recommendation of the best system Integrator.

Stage 5: The best system Integrator will do audit the completed work. If required, the best system Integrator ask the registered vendor to revamp it, as per the designed structure & do PROJECT DELIVERY as proposed by the best system Integrator during BEST PRACTICE, with AMC, if required.

Note: Each stage needs the approval from CLIENTELE. The best system Integrator always communicates the progress on a daily/weekly basis as committed to the client.

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